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Track Bed Condition Surveys
Ballast Volume, Drainage & Structures Clearance
Track Surface & Subsurface Imaging
Asset Mapping
Track Geometry
Integration of Data for Multiple Screen Viewing
Work Order & Maintenance Recommendations

Ballast Volume, Drainage & Structures Clearance

Ballast volume assessment

Excess or deficit - what's the situation for existing track compared to the track template? 

Are the shoulders and centre volumes comparable and what do the curves look like? 

How much ballast is required to stabilise the track?

The Track Managers questions - the answer is in the ZeticaRail data, variable for curves & tangents  

Ballast Volume Index - indicates overall excess or deficits relative to trackbed profile templates

Ballast Deficit Index - Identifies track sections with missing ballast

Ballast Excess Index - Identifies track sections with excess ballast


Track Drainage condition and water courses

Four good points to consider -

  • Suitable crossfall on ballast interface and no ballast pockets
  • minimal centre ballast fouling and deep free-draining layer in the shoulders
  • access roads and side profile lower than toe of the ballast.
  • clear cess drain to allow drainage away from the toe of track bed construction.

The ZeticaRail's Track Drainage Index (TDI) is designed to highlight areas of poor runoff from the ballast toe, using data from our Hi-Speed laser system.  Taking the FDL (Free Draining Layer) and ballast excess into account, TDI is an excellent tool for maintenance planning.


Rollingstock Clearances, Track Centres, Road crossings

Tunnels, structures, platforms, rock cuttings, - all are accurately measured and compared with kinematic rolling stock clearances. Track centres and adjacent track can be a deliverable of this process, as are also road crossing angles and road heights relative to rail. Monitoring of trackside vegetation can be part of the survey.


Impressive and very useful results can be delivered by use of this mobile terrestrial laser system and Point Cloud data that can subsequently be generated.  With use of identifying coloured highlights, clarity and dimensional capability obtainable from this process, it has markedly enhanced the planning process.

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