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Track Bed Condition Surveys
Ballast Volume, Drainage & Structures Clearance
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The RASC Pod is an innovative trackbed inspection solution that has the potential to improve:

  • the return on investment in data capture systems
  • track safety
  • the cost effectiveness of follow-on maintenance

The RASC Pod is a versatile platform that can be mounted on a wagon with a revenue-earning train or on a HY-RAIL® chassis.


How it can help you

The RASC Pod offers exceptional flexibility with a range of above- and below-ground measurement systems linked to on-board power, data management, accurate location and climate control services. The system is deployable wirelessly. Data is captured autonomously and can be monitored remotely.

It can simultaneously collect data from track geometry, rail profile, linescan imaging, 2D and 3D high-speed lasers, accelerometers, video, 2D and 3D ground-penetrating radar, thermal imaging and catenary inspection systems.

Multiple RASC Pods can be deployed for the cost of a single inspection train. This improved return on investment results in better coverage, less impact on revenue earning traffic and less manpower.


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