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Track Bed Condition Surveys
Ballast Volume, Drainage & Structures Clearance
Track Surface & Subsurface Imaging
Asset Mapping
Track Geometry
Integration of Data for Multiple Screen Viewing
Work Order & Maintenance Recommendations


 These surveys, run at track speed, collect data on track bed condition, ballast volumes, wet beds, structures clearance, including track surround and vertical track camera views - all co-located with GPS and kms.  Highly accurate location and identification of all track assets can be added to a survey.

To carry out a survey, we can use a 'fly-in fly-out' procedure or utilise the exceptional flexibility of the RASC Pod, adding geometry and head wear capabilities into the mix.


Railway Asset Scanning Car (RASC)

The RASC POD is an innovative trackbed inspection unit that has the potential to reduce survey time and cost, as well as providing exceptional flexibility.

Use it on a revenue train flat wagon, Hy-Rail or dedicated rail-bound vehicle -  with a variety of above and below ground measurement systems.

One package - self contained - including computer racks, climate control, generator - plus all the automated collection systems including geometry, head wear - and a few other valuable tools now in planning.  Watch how it operates in this short link - RASC Pod MKII.


The RASC POD is revolutionising the collection of the multitude of track related information - at speed and at low cost.  It can fulfill the role of a regular recording car - without the expense.


Pod Container


 Pod Carrier


 Mk 1 HiRail


 Effective Systems in regular use 

The many world-wide track surveys completed to date have utilised a variety of external vehicles as indicated below, collecting data whilst travelling at 40 - 120kph, depending on the vehicle.  The equipment was removed upon completion of the survey.

 Click on the pictures for an expanded view.