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Track Bed Condition Surveys
Ballast Volume, Drainage & Structures Clearance
Track Surface & Subsurface Imaging
Asset Mapping
Track Geometry
Integration of Data for Multiple Screen Viewing
Work Order & Maintenance Recommendations

Track Surface & Subsurface Imaging

Surface Assessment

The ZeticaRail system maintains a verticle view of the track and provides data for the following plus other specialised areas as required

Surface Mud Spot Index - these occurances are accurately mapped for location and extent on the surface.

Ballast Particle Size Index - provides an indication of the particle size on the surface.

Sleeper Spacing & Angularity Index - highlights areas where there is incorrect spacing and where sleepers are skewed beyond a defined angular threshold.


Turnouts, crossings and their locations can be mapped as part of this program, as can sleeper types be identified along with track hardware.


Additionally, side and forward track view cameras provide a driver's perspective and these appear in the RASC Viewer (combined screens).


 Sub-Surface Assessment

The ZeticaRail system utilises multichannel ground penetrating radar (GPR) to continuously map changes in the thickness and quality of trackbed layers across a network.  GPR is used to map ballast condition and ballast pockets as well as the location of failed formation, the lateral and depth extent of mud holes and hidden wet beds.

 The collection and processing of this trackbed data allows the formulation of various indexes - Ballast Fouling Index - Free Draining Layer - Layer Roughness Index - Ballast thickness Index - Wet Bed Index - Layer Complexity Index.  These all play a role in determining the most appropriate maintenance regime for the track in question.